nba live mobile tips and tricks

Electronic Arts has announced the launch of NBA Live Mobile hack on iOS and Android. The new basketball game comes to the App Store to compete against the popular NBA 2k16.

NBA Live Mobile allows players to become the coaches of their favorite teams and compete as players in different game modes.

Surprisingly, the game has come to iPhone and iPad totally free , so if you are thinking of trying something new in the App Store this is your opportunity.

At first, you’ll have to choose the NBA team you want to represent on your iOS device, from here, you can opt for a one-player season, online events, or an asynchronous multiplayer mode.

Playability and mechanics

As for the gameplay, NBA Live Mobile for iOS is pretty good, the controls are simple , and although we have missed a button to try to steal the ball to the contrary, they are very complete.

To throw a basket you must keep your finger pressed on the “Shot” button and release it just when the bar reaches the green zone. To accelerate, just press the “Sprint” button and to pass the ball the “Pass” button.

With regard to graphics, NBA Live Mobile for iPhone and iPad is not bad at all, although it is important to note this iOS game is not as refined as NBA 2k16, but we assure you that it offers great entertainment.

Other features

But, as we mentioned earlier, iOS NBA Live Mobile is not only playing games and shooting baskets, EA Sports has thought of everything , you can open envelopes to find collectibles, players, and other rewards.

In addition, you can sign players, change the tactics of your team and even join the leagues of other players . In these leagues of 32 players for iOS, you can even talk to other users via chat.

The only bad thing, in our opinion, is that every time you play a game you will spend energy points, and if they end you will have to make in-app purchases on your iPhone or iPad to follow or wait for the power bar to be filled.